Tuesday 24 April 2018

Mothers Day Key Fobs

Greetings Friends

I wanted to share with you a super simple mothers day project that takes about 5 - 10 minutes per item max. Whats more is you can even make a wonderful profit on these.

I needed to make 24 quality Mothers day gifts, they had to be affordable as they were for a fundraiser, but still look good and be great quality.  I decided on the Blank Key Fobs from Cafe Create they are really affordable, good quality, come in a wide range of colours and were perfect to customise with HTV.

I have put together a little step-by-step for you because I did make a couple of errors and if I can share them, hopefully I can save you from making the same ones.

How to...

Step 1

Pick the design you wish to use, and open it up in your preferred software. 

Don't forget to flip your image as you are using HTV!  

The size of the Fobs are 1" x 4" so scale your design to fit this.

We have included a FREE PNG for. You can download it from our shop and then open it in your cut / editing software.  

Step 2

Next weed your design and get ready to press.
Something to keep in mind:  the design is really small and the area you are working with is really small.  This means that you only need a really small amount of heat on the design.
I made the mistake of applying too much heat for too long and the HTV moved around. 

   Step 3

Line up  your design as you would like it on the Fob and heat up your iron.  
I used an iron for this project for two reasons:
Firstly - with the metal fob at the end, the heat press wouldn't have closed properly.
Secondly - it was such a small, quick job that by putting them in and out of the press would have taken longer than the time they were in the press.
I also used a wooden breadboard that i use for crafting.

   Step 4

If you have a teflon sheet, I highly recommend placing it over the design for this project. I got mine from the quilting section at Spotlight and I really like this one because it is rather thin. Because it is thin, it is see through so I can make sure my design is straight just before I press.

I set the iron to a wool setting and only went over the design three times, not even pushing down at all. This was sufficient to adhere the vinyl and be able to remove the application sheet.
Once this was done, I went over the fob twice with the iron applying a little pressure.

Items used:
- Silhouette Cameo
- Siser Easy Weed HTV
- Siser Glitter HTV
- Key Fobs Blanks from Cafe Create
- Design my own PNG Download mothers day template!

Thanks for reading, leave some love below or any questions you have about this project.  If you have a suggestion for any other step by steps you would like to see let me know below in the comments.

Till Next time